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What Is SnapVest?

Is a social investment network designed to help you make money in the exciting world of stock options. Through the power of crowd wisdom, and by copying the trading actions of our best traders your chances of making money will increase drastically. Until now options trading was reserved for the most sophisticated traders.

Is SnapVest a Binary Option Site?

Absolutely not, we buy and sell real option contracts on your behalf on regulated exchanges such as the CBOT. We have US licensed brokers unlike many overseas binary option sites.

How does it work?

We search and identify potential catalysts that are likely to move stock prices of industries and companies. You decide if the stock or commodity will go up or down, your funds are pooled with other like minded investors, then stock or ETF/ETN option contracts are bought and sold by experienced options traders or sophisticated algorithms. Gains or losses are posted to your account when the contracts are sold and trade is settled.

What are Options and Why Options?

An option is a contract which gives the buyer (the owner or holder of the option) the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset or instrument at a specified strike price on or before a specified date.

Why Use Stock Options?
Two reasons, options are exciting, a small change in the underlying stock or commodity can result in drastic changes in the price of the option. Also buying PUTS is much safer than shorting a stock where your risk is unlimited. Yes you can loose more than your initial investment if you get caught in a short squeeze, but with options you just walk away and lose just what you put in if the trade goes against you.

What is a PUT and CALL?

A CALL is a type of option contract that is purchased when you expect the underlying stock or commodity to rise, the opposite is for PUT.

Can I use Real Money?

Not yet, currently SnapVest is practice only using virtual currency, in the mean time you can hone your skills and have fun without the risk of loosing money. We use current market data.

Which option contracts do you trade on our behalf and when?

At the start of each trading day, we select option contracts no less than a month until expiration, the main portion of the pooled funds is used to purchase contracts ATM (at the money), any remainder funds gets us further OTM (out of the money) until there is no money left. Contracts are sold on the first down tic after a pre determined goal usually 20%. Contracts are automatically sold if their value drops 50% from the purchase price.

Why do some CALL options actually fall in value for the day when their underlying security is up?

Sometimes, the market bids up the "implied volatility" in anticipation of a market-moving event such as earnings release or a major speech by an important person. After the event, the implied volatility often drops sharply, especially if the event failed to have the expected impact. Same goes for PUTS.

How do I Cancel or Modify a Trade?

You can cancel, switch directions or double down on a trade only before the investment period deadline, after that contracts are purchased and you must ride it out. Go to the Dashboard select the trade you want to modify or cancel.

How to get more virtual currency?

By posting in the Talkback, chat with others, if you are the first to post you get $250, then $100 for each post. (virtual currency of course).

Who are You?

We are a U.S. based startup subject to United States financial regulations.

How do I Cancel My Account?

Simple just contact support via the in app contact feature, and delete the app from your device.

  • Awesome Idea! Never knew trading could be this easy.
    John O'Leary
  • Very cool app, makes trading fun.
    Bill Thomson
  • Very addictive, can't wait to trade real money.
    Sue Li

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